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Pardon, but I was wondering if you would have any interest in having this up on GameCrafter so that people can buy professional production copies of the game in a print-on-demand fashion. I know I at least would love to get one. If that's an idea you're open to, I'd be happy to set up the formatting and everything (as I've done a project on TGC before) and hand it over to you.

I second this idea.

Really interesting gameplay that allows you to navigate intimate topics carefully and with enthusiastic consent! Pretty easy to learn, lovely art, and satisfying gameplay. Would recommend!

Hi Metasynthie, I'm a french publisher and I would like to talk with you about a french version of Consentacle. I've not found an other way to contact you instead of this thread. I hope we would talk by email or messenger. 


Antoine from Superlude

Hey Antoine,

Message me on Twitter at @metasynthie

Ok :) I've tried also on instagram last year :) I will try on twitter. Have a good day :)


Hi, I would love to get the print and play version professionally done but this would be my first time doing a print and play and don't really know how to go about it. Any help would be much appreciated

I would also really like some help, I have no idea where to start and I want something that looks nice.

Did you ever figure it out? Would love to print my copy, but unsure of where to look.

Hello! Thanks for awesome game!
Where can I buy or get a game field like in the video below

Sorry, there are no more of those! A limited quantity were made for Kickstarter backers and other people who pre-ordered the game, but they all sold out. The only way to get that playmat is to buy it used from someone who got one.


Maybe another kickstarter for a second edition?
I really want a printed edition

Hey there! Thanks for making this as a print-and-play.

How many tokens of each type should I print out? I'm not sure I need hundreds of hundreds of tokens, but I'd like to know how many came with the physical copy so I can print accordingly.

The boxed version of the game comes with 40 of each token!

What do you folks think about making an official release on Tabletop Simulator?

I have a lot of friends online I might like to play this game with, and I think it'd be cool to see Consentacle as official DLC! I'm not sure what Berserk Games/Steam's policies would be on an "adult" themed card game, but I think the illustrations are tasteful enough that it just might fly.

I made a quick-and-dirty prototype in Tabletop Simulator's single player mode just to play with the tokens, which translated to the digital space surprisingly well with the custom token tool. The satisfaction tokens were a little unsatisfactory, since the user tool doesn't seem to support transparencies in the middle of the tokens, but if you worked with Berserk on an official release, I'm sure that'd be an easy fix.

I'm happy to approve a Tabletop Simulator version, although multiple people have asked me so there might be more than one?


So I think if a user uploads it as unofficial then it'd be available for free on their workshop. But I think if you worked directly with Berserk, you could get an official copy in their store. 

I'm not super familiar with the process though, just a thought!


Hey Kaypar, so if you make the tokens as models, then they support voids in the middle. So for your single player version, you could always upload the SVG to tinkercad, and export as an OBJ to import into TTS

Hope that helps!


Hi there! I just bought the bundle and I'd love to have the cards professionally printed at one of those online services, but I would need a "one-card-per-file" version for that. Would that be possible? <3 

Unfortunately setting up one card per file to be printable in the same way would take about a week. I'd love to be able to spend some time doing this, but I probably wouldn't be able to until summertime. If I can get to it I'll reply here and update the bundle as well. In the meantime, can you refer me to details of what the online service(s) you're thinking of require? The ones I've seen tend to require raster images  (TIF, JPG, PNG etc) and often won't print PDF / images with vectors. It's also often "one-side-per-file" with backs being handled separately, so there are a lot of variables to consider. 

One alternative to consider if you are using a service that requires raster files is using a software tool or website that extracts images from PDFs. There are a number of those and you can probably just get a pile of images to use that way. But it does depend on your service!


I am having trouble printing the tokens.  I get an error stating "cannot print PS file".  Everything else printed just fine.


Hi, I'm so sorry I didn't see your message until now -- I didn't have notifications set up properly.
There are two different kinds of token files, so I want to make sure you're printing the right ones!
For printing on paper, there's just one file: Consentacle Tokens.pdf
Although I just tested this file on a couple printers and it seems to be all right, let me know if it won't print on your printer. I could try sending the file to you via a different method, or you could try the "Print as Image" in the advanced printing options of Adobe Acrobat, which sometimes fixes this sort of error.
There's another set of tokens in the folder named "Consentacle Token Vectors." These files cannot be printed on paper and are only for use with a laser cutter.